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Automatic Folder Gluer Stitcher Machine

Technical Data

Model JW-2400B JW-2800B
Max gluing speed 200m/min 200m/min
Max sheet size 2400 x 1200 2800 x 1600
Min sheet size 600 x 350mm 600 x 350mm
Folding mode up folding up folding
Available sheet 3 layer, 5layer 3 layer, 5layer
Adhesive PVA PVA
Max stitching speed 5500pcs/hour ( 1100x600mm) 5500pcs/hour ( 1100x600mm)
Stitching head speed 1000 stitches/min 1000 stitches/min
Stitching head Swing type Swing type
Stitching type // // //, / / /, // / // // // //, / / /, // / //
Stitching wire Width: 1.95mm (+/- 0.05mm), thickness: 0.75mm (+/- 0.03mm) Width: 1.95mm (+/- 0.05mm), thickness: 0.75mm (+/- 0.03mm)
Min stitching distance 30mm 30mm
Slanting of the stitch 45º 45º
Total power 52kw 54kw
Voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3phase 380V, 50HZ, 3phase
Dimension 18000 x 4000 x 2400mm 18000 x 4400 x 2400mm
Weight 20tons 21tons
  • Data Max Min
    A 2400/2800 600/600
    B 1200/1600 350/350
    C Glue box 1080/1280 120/120
    Stitch box 1040/1240 160/160

Main features

The feeding unit adopts auto lead edge feeder. Side baffle can pat the corrugated paperboard.
The gluing wheel is made of the stainless steel. Gluing pump supply the glue automatically. Glue less alarming and automatic cycle when the machine stops. Easy to be cleaned.
Upper and down carrier moved by liner guide rail and motorized controlling.
The pre-creasing wheels are install for the second creasing line.
The final folding unit adopts the servo motor driving for the precision folding.
The swing mode of stitching head. The machine can be gluing or stitching.
The stitching can be single stitching, double stitching, double-single-double stitching.
One switch changing for the gluing or stitching. The stitching head cab be move lift up when the machine works for the gluing.
The all belts can be easy to be changed.
Order memory is installed by 200 pieces.